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Aptos Yield on

Delta Money?

Earn Yield On Multiple Tokens

Delta helps users generate sustainable yields on upcoming Aptos tokens.

Vaults and Structured Products

Simple and easy to use vaults.

Community Driven

Become a strategist and earn with us.


Road map

Delta Money Roadmap


Launch Website V1

DApp design and frontend

Single Sided Vault smart contract

Liquidity pool smart contract

Multi-token pool smart contracts

Internal smart contract security audit

  • Internal smart contract security audit
  • Audit network connections

Popular Aptos Wallets integration

Website UI updates

Build out community discord

Deploy Delta Money to the testnet

Release limited size Discord for Alpha testers

Alpha testing stage

Collate and execute on Alpha testers feedback

Full Discord Release

Stress test the Delta Money platform

External smart contracts security audits

Bug bounty program

Deploy Delta Money on to the Aptos Mainnet

Delta token swap optimizer smart contract

Create UI for Delta token swap optimizer

Vault expansion

Release NFT fee share Utility, distribution to all vault users

  • Start building for 2023

    Delta Neutral Strategies Leveraged Vaults
  • 2023

    Token release

Extra Yield

Automatically compound your capital

Better capital efficiency with Delta

Delta Rewards

Low Gas Fees

Aptos Ecosystem